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The adavi trust is a grassroots conservation organisation which works towards nature conservation and sustainability. Our mission is to protect, restore and conserve nature and natural systems on which all life depends. 

Our Projects

Wolf Walks


An estimated 2,500 Indian Wolves (Canis lupus pallipes) remain in the wild in India and most of them outside traditional ‘protected areas’. The majority are in village common lands and ‘reserved forest’. The population is rapidly declining due to the pressures of habitat loss, retaliatory killings and a declining wild prey base. Adavi Trust’s flagship project ‘Wolf Walks’ is an attempt to address this critical conservation problem though community engagement, applied research, eco-tourism and conservation outreach. We work with the Timbatku Collective to achieve a reduction in retaliatory killing of wolves as economic benefits from eco-tourism and insurance cover the cost of livestock lost. The project protects wolf and blackbuck breeding grounds and impacts the wolf metapopulation of Southern India while benefiting the rural communities on whose land and livestock the wolves depend. 

Savannahs of India


Savannah Ecosystems in India are one of India's forgotten landscapes. Althought thriving wildlife habitat these grasslands are largely kept outside the conservation agenda. Our field station is located in the savannah grassland landscape of Rayalseema, in andhra pradesh. Adavi trust highlights the importance of savannah grasslands and conducts research on the biodiversity of Indian savannas.

Living With Nature


Our project studies and documents incidents of human wildlife conflict in southern India. We also work alongside relevant authorities to aid in conflict mitigation. In addition this project focuses on raising awareness and conducting trainings to enable people to live alongside wildlife.   


Agrobiodiversity & Regenerative practices

 At adavi, we have been studying and documenting traditional foods and recipes to map out the critical links and impacts they have on farming cultures, fragile ecosystems and nutritional security. We work towards a holistic region specific approach to landscape ecology that takes into account biodiversity centric farming, environmental sustainability and climate resilience. At the core of our work on regenerative practises is to walk the talk  on living with sustainable design. 


Restoration Ecology

We work to restore and conserve tropical ecosystems. Our focus is on restoration of Savannah Grasslands and tropical thorn forest. Adavi’s nursery of indigenous wild plants provides seeds and saplings every year towards restoration efforts. 


Community Led Conservation

We believe that long term and sustainable conservation can only occur when communities are active partners in the process. We work alongside the Timbaktu Collective's community led conservation efforts. adavi supports Community Conservation Areas (CCA’s) such as the Kalpavalli CCA, promoted by the Timbaktu Collective in Andhra Pradesh. 


Nature Culture


Adavi works to reconnect people to nature through experiential learning. This includes conducting camps, workshops and trainings. Adavi creates and distributes educational materials in English, Kannada and Telugu. The objective is to rebuild or strengthen a culture of nature appreciation especially amongst children, youth, farmers and persons with disabilities. 


Siddharth Rao


  Siddharth Rao is a conservation biologist and a founding trustee of the adavi trust. Siddharth holds a master’s degree in Ecology and has over eighteen years of experience working in various capacities spanning conservation practice, wildlife research and media. His work focuses on restoration ecology, community led conservation, environmental justice, carnivore ecology, markets for conservation and conservation outreach and education. Siddharth is a 2015 Kinship Conservation Fellow.

Manisha 'Molly' Kairaly


Molly is primarily concerned with promoting organic farming and nutritional security, awareness building and education on nature and sustainability with rural communities. She has over a decade working in various sectors spanning organic farming, traditional food systems, nutritional security, women’s rights, sustainability and conservation. Molly is also a founding trustee of adavi. 


Naren Sreenivasan


  Naren Sreenivasan is a conservation biologist with formal training in wildlife biology and management with a masters degree from Wageningen University. His research interests lie in fresh water ecology herpetology and small mammals. As a part of his master’s degree, naren conducted dietary studies on elephants in South Africa and managed a team of consultants in designing a biodiversity enhancing ‘nomadic lodge’, as an experimental concept for a Dutch based eco-tourism company. Currently, he is the lead researcher for the Wildlife Association of South India, engaged in bringing the iconic humpback mahseer back from the brink of extinction.  Naren is a trustee of adavi.

Naveen Chabbria


  Naveen lives and works in Bangalore. He  found his roots with the land and all other beings in the year 2009 while working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre. Ever since, many journeys have followed. His interest in the outdoors and nature led him to Sirsi where he worked on the land, Gudalur to soak in the culture of the adivasis and Timbaktu to work on afforestation. Naveen feels that Adavi is a way of protecting what is important and getting people to realise that. Naveen is a trustee of adavi.


Sreekar Rachakonda


As a tropical ecologist Sreekar is interested in matrix management and habitat creation - and ultimately in questions such as where and how we maintain biodiversity in production landscapes, and the effects of biodiversity in the provision of ecosystem services. He uses field experiments and analytical methods to understand habitat use, movement ecology and ecosystem services of the study subjects. Most of his work uses birds, and herptiles as a model system. Sreekar is a research associate at the adavi trust. 


Shonali Chenzira


 Shonali Chenzira is a writer who is interested in understanding and bettering the dynamic relationships between wildlife, ecology, people and development. She is a Content Specialist of various mediums using creative strategy, community engagement, capacity building and conservation education as a means to this end. She has led the Design and Development of national programmes concerning critical issues  affecting rural India such as snakebite mitigation. Shonali imagines and works at cultivating a reality that is inclusive, wild, bio diverse and sustainable. Shonali is a Programme Associate with the adavi trust. 


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 We have volunteering and intern positions available through the year at our field station and project sites across India. 



You can also donate towards particular projects which interest you. Do drop us an email for further information. 

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